Bosworth Academy

Classrooms & Meeting Rooms

Bosworth Academy – 6 classrooms with meeting room, stores and toilet

Another project where the Site investigation was critical to understand the make-up of the ground, armed with the correct information our structural engineers were able to design a very cost-effective stepped foundation solution.

Gaining access to the site was via an existing track that required widening in places, as part of our consultation we were able to leave the alterations in place providing a safer access route to an overflow carpark used by the students.

Foundations were ready and in place for the clients nominated supplier to install the building. With challenging weather conditions Hawker Construction was able to ensure a safe site despite the record rain fall resulting in saturated ground.

Again, with ZERO accidents the planning and project was a success.

Testimonial – “Thank you Martin and a massive thank you for all your help and support with this project.”

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